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Website live monitoring

Website monitor 24/7. No scripts and access needed. You will get SMS and E-mail when your website get down.

  • apps

    Manage your websites


    All your website on dashboard

    Add all your websites in our platform to keep it safe

    You can add up to 20 websites. And in Enterprise edition you can add more by request. See our pricing.

  • notifications_active

    Manage notifications


    E-mail and SMS notifications

    Add phone numbers and emails of your responsible staff

    We send SMS and e-mail notifications immediately as soon as we saw the danger

  • report_problem

    Detailed reports



    We show websites monitor history with loading speed and error codes.

    These parameters can also tell you about peak traffic and hosting quality

We scan bad references to your company

We scan and monitor bad reviews, the machinations of competitors and other bad things.

  • stars

    Track your reputation


    All your brands here

    Add brands and company names in Reputation manager. FlameDesk find bad reviews and references on your company or brand.

    Function available on Gold+ Plan.

  • mood_bad

    Check bad references


    Find and remove

    FlameDesk find bad things and give you links and notifications. This process is continuous, FlameDesk never stops.

    Get notifications with report and act.

We protect your website content

Keep safe your SEO and protect from competitors. We protect content and images from your website.

  • copyright

    Protect your content


    Content protection

    Add your pages to FlameDesk that you want to protect and feel calm. We will check that no one stole it. We find even cases of partial copying or rewrite.

    The number of pages depends on your Plan

  • whatshot

    Take actions


    Take actions!

    Receive notifications, analyze copies of your content, take actions.

    We have law letters templates for intruder. Use it.

Dedicated Support Team

Resolve your issues with professional dedicated team with Premium support


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get protected my websites?

Just sign up and add your website in two clicks. No scripts needed, no programmers needed.

What CMS your team can support?

We work with Wordpress, Drupal, MODx, EVO, Joomla and other CMS and PHP Frameworks like Laravel, YII, Symfony etc.

What happened after website is down

We track user's websites online. When we find issue - we notice user about it immediately and after joint decision we fix issue.

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